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The space ensures suitability, reliability, and quality to the parts produced in the factory

Por Tuper S/A  |  25 de April de 2024 às 14:40
Tuper Escapamentos e Catalisadores

The commitment of Tuper to the quality of products bearing the brand is evident at every stage of the production process. With this in mind, the leading exhaust sales company for the aftermarket in Brazil continuously invests in a Development and Analysis Center (CDA) for the development of new products and testing of parts before they reach the market.

With a specialized team working to strictly follow the regulations of the segment’s regulatory bodies, the CDA’s main differentiator is its internal know-how for conducting application tests, assessibility, noise levels, and backpressure. This ensures the proper fit and reliability of Tuper products.

In addition to the cutting-edge technology necessary for product development, aimed at simulating all situations related to the application and fitting of parts to the vehicle, the CDA environment is structured to resemble a mechanical workshop, with a lifting platform and all the necessary tools for inspection procedures to ensure the adequacy of each part.

All this attention to quality is what guarantees a strong brand, with respect and recognition for over five decades.

Therefore, choose the brand that the market knows and trusts, with high standards of quality and resale value. Always choose Tuper Exhaust Systems.

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Tuper is the largest exhaust manufacturer in Latin America and a market leader, producing exhausts, catalytic converters, and tips for all models of cars, both domestic and imported, for 53 years, following rigorous quality standards. The company keeps pace with market evolution by offering a wide range of products according to the specifications of the most demanding national and international standards. Learn more about Tuper.

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