The 2024/2025 edition of the Tuper Knowledge Academy begins with an inaugural class

Launched in 2010, the initiative focuses on the professional and personal development of company employees, encouraging the improvement of technical skills

Por Tuper S/A  |  26 de February de 2024 às 15:46
Aula Inaugural Academia do conhecimento Tuper

Effectively contributing to people’s education has been a fundamental pillar for Tuper’s growth over its 53 years of existence. Maintaining the balance between well-being and technical preparedness of those working within the company is a daily commitment. For this reason, the company continues to heavily invest in initiatives that promote the development of professional teams.

Training programs such as the Leadership Academy, the Qualify Program, and the Knowledge Academy were created to ensure growth opportunities, qualification, and excellence for internal staff and consequently for the products manufactured by Tuper.

With this intention, the 2024 edition of the Tuper Knowledge Academy commenced with an inaugural class.

Presence and speeches marked the occasion

The event gathered, on February 21st, at the Univille auditorium – São Bento do Sul campus, the company’s management, professors, employees, and community representatives for the inaugural class of the new edition.

On this occasion, a lecture on “Industrial Innovation” was delivered by Professor Sérgio Itamar, a postgraduate in project management, specialist in business management, with an MBA in strategic management and a master’s in administration, a professional with significant contributions and recognitions such as the Comendador Award in Curitiba and the Entrepreneurial Personality Award of the State of Paraná.

Also present were representatives from partner educational institutions SENAI, Univille, Unisociesc, and Brisolla Tavares Consultancy and Industrial Management, Engineering, Maintenance, Ergonomics, and Occupational Safety.

During the ceremony, speeches were given by the Human Resources Manager, Claudinir de Assis Cordeiro, the Executive Manager Mariane Rodrigues Habowsky Ronconi, and the President and CEO of Tuper, Frank Bollmann. In his speech, he highlighted the importance of the initiative for the transmission of knowledge and professional experience to maintain the company’s production processes. He also discussed the contribution to strengthening the industry in Santa Catarina as an example of excellence.

Student Fabrício Zeithammer, a graduate of the previous academy edition and one of the recipients of an international trip, was also invited to speak about his participation experience in the project. The event, which lasted approximately two hours, had about 177 attendees.

A trajectory of success

The creation of the Knowledge Academy in 2010 was inspired by technical training courses, with the aim of combining theoretical content with practical experience. Since then, positive results have been achieved, such as the emergence of new leadership, improvement of manufacturing processes, as well as talent retention and greater employee engagement in the company’s business. Until the last edition, the academy has trained 170 employees.

The class of 2024/2025 will have 118 professionals enrolled in four groups. The content will be divided into 35 modules, of which 71% will be taught by instructors who are part of Tuper’s professional staff. In total, there will be 202 hours of classes.

As in previous editions, there will be presentation and evaluation of the topics that the students will develop during the course period. The winning teams will receive an international technical trip as a prize, in addition to implementing the project results in the industrial plants.

It is important to highlight that the initiative has already received distinctions such as the Human Being 2014 Award / People Management – “Tuper Knowledge Academy Program” ABRH/SC and the Industry for Education 2014 Award – “Tuper Knowledge Academy Program” – FIESC.

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