The month of January marks a milestone in the growth of the solar energy sector in Brazil

Solar energy advances in January and reaches 16.8% of the country’s electrical grid

Por Tuper S/A  |  19 de February de 2024 às 17:01
Soluções Tuper para estruturas fotovoltaicas

According to data from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar), solar energy reached 38 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity in January. The figure takes into account large-scale plants and self-generation systems (distributed generation) on rooftops, facades, and small plots of land, equivalent to 16.8% of Brazil’s electrical grid. In less than a month, therefore, the photovoltaic source added over 1 GW to the Brazilian territory.

Distributed energy generation totals 26.3 GW of installed capacity. In the centralized generation segment, Brazil has about 11.7 GW of installed capacity in large-scale solar plants.

Industry figures in the Brazilian scenario

The survey presented by the organization indicated that from 2012 to 2023, investments in photovoltaic solar systems totaled approximately R$ 130.7 billion. In total, approximately 780,100 jobs were generated during this period.

Furthermore, according to the organization, Brazil currently has approximately 2.3 million photovoltaic solar systems installed on rooftops, facades, and small plots of land.

Sustainability and decarbonization

Indeed, according to Absolar’s Chairman of the Board, Ronaldo Koloszuk, the source is currently one of the main drivers to accelerate Brazil’s decarbonization. Moreover, it can assist the country in positioning itself as a significant player in the energy transition towards a more sustainable society.

In an interview with Exame, Koloszuk stated that “with the combination of technologies such as energy storage and green hydrogen, Brazil can, in a short time, drive its sustainable development, generating thousands of new green jobs, bringing more income to workers, and more opportunities to our population.”

Tuper steel solutions for photovoltaic structures for the sector

Tuper serves the solar energy market with steel solutions for use in various types of projects, such as supplying components like profiles, pipes, and welded assemblies for fixed ground-mounted structures or trackers, both in centralized generation and distributed generation. They can be used in carports, agrivoltaic systems, and in small, medium, and large solar power plants, among other structures.

All Tuper’s tubes, profiles, parts, and custom systems are available to the market in hot-dip galvanized and pre-galvanized steel.

The technical specifications of the tubes and profiles are tailored for each type of application, resulting in performance optimization.

The tubes can also be drilled (in line) according to the project. Additionally, all products can have other added services such as laser cutting. These features expand the application possibilities and facilitate the development and realization of various types of projects.

To learn more about Tuper’s steel solutions for the photovoltaic sector, download the catalog.

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