Tuper supports cycling tourism and sustainable tourism in the Circuito das Araucárias region

The company supported the initiative by donating monuments made entirely of steel to the municipalities that are part of the route

Por Tuper S/A  |  19 de June de 2023 às 09:41

A monument representing a cyclist was inaugurated on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 6th, in São Bento do Sul (SC), the municipality where Tuper is headquartered, as part of the events celebrating the ten years of the creation of the Circuito das Araucárias (Araucárias Circuit). The occasion was attended by local authorities, community guests, and representatives from the Consórcio Intermunicipal do Quiriri (Quiriri Intermunicipal Consortium) and Tuper S.A.

The structure, called the “Cyclist Monument,” symbolizes the challenges, achievements, and triumphs of cycling enthusiasts, and it is part of a series of four identical units installed in the central squares of the Santa Catarina municipalities of São Bento do Sul, Corupá, Rio Negrinho, and Campo Alegre, highlighting the significance of the circuit recognized internationally by sports enthusiasts.

The ceremony also marked the installation of 242 route signage plates with information about the circuit’s path, placed at various points in the four municipalities that make up the circuit.

Tuper supports the initiative

Tuper is responsible for donating the four monuments made of carbon steel and all the route signage plates for the circuit.

For the company, it is essential to support initiatives from nearby communities to encourage activities that promote the economic and social development of the region, as ecocycling attracts many visitors and boosts tourism in the cities that are part of the circuit. Additionally, the action raises awareness about the preservation of nature and biodiversity.

Monumento do Ciclista
Monument of the Cyclist located in the city of São Bento do Sul (SC), headquarters of Tuper

Circuito das Araucárias

The circuit was officially created on June 2, 2012, through the initiative of the Quiriri Intermunicipal Consortium – composed of the municipalities of Campo Alegre, Corupá, Rio Negrinho, and São Bento do Sul – in partnership with the Brazilian ecocycling club. It was named Circuito das Araucárias in honor of the native tree typical of the region that adorns the landscape.

It is estimated that more than eight thousand ecocyclists from various Brazilian states and abroad have already toured the Circuito das Araucárias. It is considered one of the world’s top 15 circuits by Go Outside magazine. It spans 250 kilometers, divided into nine self-guided sections, crisscrossing the municipalities of the Quiriri Destinations tourist region, represented by the cities of Campo Alegre, Corupá, Rio Negrinho, and São Bento do Sul. Along the way, the fauna and flora can be seen in waterfalls, valleys, and mountains, creating a scenic landscape.

More recently, the Circuito das Araucárias de Caminhantes (Circuit of Walkers) was launched, with 352 kilometers of mapped trails divided into 15 routes, revealing the natural beauty along the way in the four municipalities.

Learn more about the Circuito das Araucárias.

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