Tuper will be at Intersolar South America, the largest solar energy fair in Latin America

The event brings together exhibitors, suppliers, and representatives from the industry in the city of São Paulo

Por Tuper S/A  |  27 de June de 2023 às 15:00

Developing increasingly efficient solutions for photovoltaic structures is one of the challenges in an industry that is growing rapidly each year worldwide and, especially, in Brazil.

Tuper has been operating in the photovoltaic sector for several years, primarily serving large centralized energy generation projects by providing solutions in carbon steel tubes and profiles for the manufacture of trackers and fixed structures. The company also caters to distributed generation projects for various players in the energy market.

Brazil’s Solar Energy Generation Market

The market driving this scenario is mainly composed of projects of various sizes for energy production through Distributed Generation (DG), with micro and mini solar photovoltaic generation systems installed in residences, industries, and other complexes, as well as Centralized Generation (CG) with solar photovoltaic power plants.

According to data released in 2022 by ABSOLAR – Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy, solar generation already totals 16.4 GW, with 11.3 GW from DG systems and 5.1 GW from CG systems.

The Brazilian energy matrix shows a total of 195 GW, with around 2.1% of electricity generated from solar photovoltaic sources. In Distributed Generation, the country now has over one million solar photovoltaic systems connected to the grid and almost 1.3 million consumer units.

The report also reveals that Brazil already has granted projects totaling 61.7 GW of total power, indicating significant potential for the use of power plants in this modality.

Steel Solutions Offered by Tuper for the Photovoltaic Market will be at Intersolar

Tuper is present in the sector, providing carbon steel pipes and profiles and customized items for fixed solar structures or photovoltaic trackers with quality and safety from the choice of raw materials to the final finishing processes.

To learn more about Tuper’s involvement in the photovoltaic energy market, visit booth B1.80 in the blue pavilion at Intersolar, the largest fair in the sector in Latin America, taking place in São Paulo from August 29 to 31. The event, in its 2022 edition, received over forty thousand visitors to explore exhibitors’ products, services, and solutions directly.

To find out more about Intersolar, visit intersolar.net.br

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