Tuper foresees growth in the OEM parts sector in the coming years

The company serves the automotive market and is prepared for new demands

Por Tuper S/A  |  28 de September de 2021 às 15:25

The vehicle manufacturing market relies on the excellence of Tuper’s products. Light vehicles, heavy vehicles, two-wheelers, and agricultural machinery – all of these are part of the range of items served by the company’s products.

The company caters to the automotive market with dedicated plants, cutting-edge technology, and extensive reach, simultaneously serving the aftermarket as Brazil’s best-selling brand in exhausts and catalytic converters, as well as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturers and system integrators.

Automotive parts and components

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products can be defined as original parts manufactured especially for automakers and system integrators. Tuper supplies companies such as Mercedes-Benz, John Deere, Honda, Yorozu, Toyota, among others.

It is through these companies that the company establishes itself as a major supplier to the sector. Quality in service and deliveries complements Tuper’s offerings with excellence, ensuring customers the necessary reliability for business expansion and the development of new projects, always supported by the company’s engineering department.

With one of the most advanced technological sets for the formation of steel tubes in Latin America, Tuper produces, for this segment, everything from tubular parts and components to exhausts and catalytic converters, to complete exhaust systems for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery.

About Tuper

Tuper is one of the largest steel transformers in Latin America. With over 50 years of history, the company has one of the most advanced technological sets for the formation of steel tubes, with eight business units in three industrial plants and the capacity to process 826,000 tons of steel per year. In addition to the original automotive sector, it also operates in the exhaust and catalytic converter sectors (for the replacement market), industry, oil and gas, construction, and agribusiness. The extensive portfolio includes black and galvanized carbon steel tubes for industrial, structural, and conduit applications, drawn tubes, tubes for heat exchange, API tubes for the oil and gas market, galvanized conduits, tubular stakes for quick foundations, metallic structural profiles, automotive parts and components, exhaust systems for original vehicles, automotive exhausts for the replacement market, metal roofing systems, ribbed composite slabs, scaffolding, props, wainscoting, and slitters for use in construction.
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