Tuper will be present at the 13th Edition of the Concrete Show South America

The company will showcase products and new releases related to the construction sector

Por Tuper S/A  |  8 de July de 2022 às 09:26

The traditional event in the construction industry, in its thirteenth edition, is returning to its in-person format and will take place in the capital city of São Paulo (Brazil) from August 9 to 11. It will feature the well-known trade fair and an extensive program of speakers who are experts in the field, comprising the “Building Knowledge” congress.

The trade fair will continue the tradition of showcasing new products and services for the entire cement and concrete supply chain. Over 300 exhibitor brands, both domestic and international, are expected to provide solutions for the construction industry.

Tuper, one of the largest steel processors in Latin America, will be present, showcasing products tailored to the sector. Learn more about the products the company will bring to the exhibition, including Quick Connection Tubular Piles, an innovative product produced with state-of-the-art technology.


Tuper scaffolding meets all Brazilian legislation requirements and is manufactured based on European standards, providing enhanced safety and efficiency in service execution, ultimately saving time on projects. The façade-type scaffolding, which is the highlight at Tuper’s booth, is ideal for use in construction, including building renovations and maintenance, both residential and industrial. It is made of high-strength galvanized steel, features anti-slip working platforms, a locking system for added protection against wind, and traceability of all components, reaching heights of over 80 meters.

Metal Props

Tuper metal props are made of structural carbon steel, adjustable, durable, and environmentally friendly. They are extremely safe due to the unique locking system that prevents detachment during assembly and disassembly. The precise millimeter adjustment ensures accuracy and safety in the work. Among the advantages of the product are the use of fewer props per square meter of construction, standardized and known load capacity (allowing for better dimensioned and optimized shoring projects), and ease of handling and cost savings.

Ribbed Composite Slabs

Tuper’s industrialized ribbed composite slab system consists of metal joists made of high-performance galvanized structural steel, EPS filling elements, distribution reinforcement, and concrete. It meets requirements such as strength, ease of installation, speed in assembly, savings in shoring, and reduced labor in the structural phase. It allows for the construction of uni and bidirectional slabs, spanning large distances with less concrete and steel consumption. It reduces the weight of the slab itself by around 30% compared to solid slabs, thus reducing the loads on the structure and its functions. The metal joists, with only 1/5 of the weight of traditional precast truss joists, save time and money during assembly as they do not require cranes or hoists. The pendulum pin, an exclusive feature that adds even more speed and safety to the construction, facilitates the passage of installation ducts, suspended ceilings, and finishes.

Metal Panels – NEW RELEASE

Tuper’s metal panels are produced from cold-rolled carbon steel sheets, available in zinc-coated or Galvalume® finishes, easily adaptable to various application demands. Extremely versatile and durable, the product provides excellent aesthetic and functional finishes. Easy to handle, it adds convenience and speed to project execution stages, offering high productivity and cost reduction compared to conventional materials. Manufactured in corrugated and fluted versions, with various thickness options to meet different applications.

Tuper Quick Connection Tubular Piles – INNOVATION IN THE MARKET

With innovative features for the construction market, Tuper’s tubular piles use the concept of quick connection for joints, eliminating the need for welding and streamlining the driving process. They are made of carbon steel with a yield strength above 310 MPa, meeting the requirements of ASTM A252-2019 – Grade 3. The product offers characteristics that make it economical and efficient, reducing driving time by using a ready-made piece that is easy to handle and precision-manufactured for internal coupling. Technology, research, and innovation applied to the construction site.

Structural, Industrial, and Conduit Pipes

Tuper offers a wide range of structural, industrial, and conduit pipes with specifications suitable for various uses, in round, square, rectangular, and special geometries, for a wide range of applications. Manufactured from carbon steel, black or galvanized, painted or coated, with rigorous quality control, they find extensive application in the construction industry, automotive, industrial, agribusiness, and more.

To register for free and visit Tuper’s booth at the 13th Edition of the Concrete Show, please visit the event’s website.

About the Exhibition

13th Edition of the Concrete Show | From August 9 to 11, 2022 | From 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM | São Paulo Expo – Pavilions 4 and 5 (São Paulo)

About Tuper
With over 50 years of experience, Tuper is one of Brazil’s largest steel processors. The company keeps up with market developments with extensive product lines, meeting the most demanding national and international standards. The product portfolio includes solutions for the industrial, automotive, construction, agribusiness, oil and gas sectors, among others. In the construction sector, the company offers quick connection tubular piles for foundations, structural metal profiles, metal roofing systems, black and galvanized carbon steel pipes for structural and conduit applications, ribbed composite slabs, scaffolding, props, metal panels, and slitters. Learn more about Tuper.

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