Vehicle licensing numbers grow in early 2024

HB20 model leads the ranking

Por Tuper S/A  |  19 de March de 2024 às 15:24
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Vehicle registrations in January totaled 161.6 thousand units. The number represented a 13% increase compared to the result recorded in January of last year. The data comes from Renavam (National Register of Motor Vehicles). They were disclosed by Fenabrave (National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distribution) on February 5th.

Of the total licensed in the month, 118.5 thousand units corresponded to car registrations, 14% more than the volume observed in January 2023.

Among the best-selling models of the month, the leadership went to the Hyundai HB20, with 7.4 thousand units. Following are Volkswagen Polo, Chevrolet Onix, Hyundai Creta, and Fiat Argo.

Among light commercial models, the ranking is led by the Fiat Strada pickup, with 8 thousand registrations in January. Following are the Volkswagen Saveiro, Toyota Hilux, Fiat Toro, and Chevrolet Montana models.

Just to illustrate, the historical peak occurred in January of the year 2014, with 446 thousand units of registered vehicles. However, Renavam considers the current result a good number considering the history of recent years.

“In general, there is an improvement in the retail environment for vehicle distribution, with the evolution of employment indices, consecutive falls in official interest rates, and, mainly, due to a greater flow of credit in various segments.” The comment is from José Maurício Andreta Jr, president of the entity for the Automotive Business electronic magazine.

Tuper’s participation in the automotive segment

Tuper is one of the market leaders not only in supplying parts but also in components and exhaust systems for automakers and system integrators for cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses. In addition to the OEM segment, it is a leader in exhaust systems, as well as in catalysts for the national replacement market.

With the purpose of guaranteeing the quality of products and the best solutions for customers, the company maintains a modern and verticalized manufacturing park, with cutting-edge technology and processes for the production of tubes and profiles with the largest portfolio in Latin America.

Processes such as heat and chemical treatment, drawing, precision machining, as well as 2D and 3D laser cutting, stamping, forming (bending, folding, expansion, reduction, etc.), among others, are carried out to meet the most varied market needs. The goal is to deliver, in this way, more complete solutions, with items processed in modern robotic welding lines, in order to optimize stages for customers, who will receive parts and components in more advanced stages for application.

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Sources: Automotive Business electronic magazine – Feb 2024 | Infomet electronic magazine Feb 2024 | Fenabrave website (National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distribution)

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