Mounting brackets: reduce vibration and extend the life of the exhaust system

The component also helps maintain the ideal distance between the vehicle’s floor and underbody

Por Tuper S/A  |  5 de October de 2023 às 21:35
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Whether on smooth asphalt or uneven roads, the metal or rubber mounts (also known as bushings) attached to the exhaust system serve to assist in stabilizing the components of the vehicle’s exhaust system during motion.

Working in conjunction with other components, they also help reduce exhaust system vibrations, decreasing the risk of breakage along the system, while maintaining the ideal distance between the vehicle’s floor and underbody.

Loose mounts – or “blown out,” as it’s commonly referred to – can lead to increased wear and tear on other components due to higher friction between parts, as well as contribute to heating the vehicle’s underfloor and even increased fuel consumption.

Healthy driving habits such as caution and maintaining appropriate speeds when passing over speed bumps or potholes, not forcing the engine ignition, and keeping up with regular maintenance can all contribute to the proper function of the mounts.

To prevent more significant issues, it is recommended to replace these parts, on average, every 6 months, as scheduled for preventive periodic maintenance.

Tuper offers mount (or bushing) replacement kits with ten units. To explore the product line and request a quote, visit the website.

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