Metal Props Tuper – 2022 is the year of market recovery

The product has become a benchmark for quality in the construction industry

Por Tuper S/A  |  8 de March de 2022 às 09:11
Escoras Metálicas Tuper

Metal props, also known as shoring jacks, are devices responsible for temporarily supporting loads and structural elements in the construction industry, such as slabs and beams. They serve as support during processes like concrete pouring or the curing period of the structure.

These props individually support calculated weights, which can be multiplied according to how the equipment is arranged together. The system’s design takes into account the weight of the concrete itself and the acting loads. Therefore, the quantity of props should be calculated based on the conditions of the structures to be concreted.

In summary, props are used when there is a need to “support” or “hold” a construction that is being executed until it acquires sufficient strength to become self-supporting.

A Fundamental Item for the Construction Industry

Manufactured from carbon steel, Tuper metal props are widely used as supports for slabs and are essential materials in beam construction. The weight-bearing capacity depends on the specifications of the prop and may vary according to the model.

One of the advantages of this equipment is its simplicity of use. In addition to its efficiency in fulfilling its function, it allows for cost reduction and time savings on the construction site, which can significantly optimize productivity and add quality to the construction process. Easily transportable and quickly and precisely adjustable, Tuper props assist in reducing the assembly time for shoring and contribute to the reduction of wood waste on construction sites. Furthermore, they are reusable for an extended period due to the meticulous manufacturing process.

Among their applications, they can be used to safely shore structural elements such as beams, solid slabs, ribbed slabs, prestressed slabs, and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Systems). Tuper metal props have all the certifications required by the market, along with manufacturing and regulatory ART issuance in compliance with Regulatory Standard NR 18.

The year 2022 marks a strong comeback to the market with Tuper’s line of metal props, which have become a reference in the market due to their quality and robustness.

Four Advantages of Using Metal Props on the Construction Site

Now that you know more about metal props, let’s explore the main advantages of using this product.

  1. Easy Storage In a small space, you can store a large quantity of equipment in a simple and organized manner.
  2. High Durability Metal props have much greater durability compared to wooden props.
  3. Safety Metal structures are more robust and therefore offer more safety. They also help to keep the construction site tidy and clean.
  4. Reusability Metal props can be used numerous times without compromising the quality or load-bearing capacity. After reaching the end of their useful life, the equipment can be disposed of properly, as the manufacturing material is entirely recyclable, making the item environmentally sustainable.

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