New Tuper Exhausts Distribution Center in São Paulo Ensures Greater Logistics Process Agility

The facility features infrastructure enhancements that have a positive impact on customer service

Por Tuper S/A  |  5 de May de 2023 às 15:48

Since the beginning of April, Tuper’s Distribution Center in São Paulo has been located in a new facility. The environment brings together a series of attributes that will positively impact logistics processes, providing even more agility and security for operations.

The choice of the new location reflects the ever-increasing importance of the São Paulo market for the segment and for Tuper, as emphasized by the Logistics Manager, Luiz Carlos de Faveri: “São Paulo is an important hub that concentrates significant business and opportunities. Therefore, Tuper seeks to always be aligned with the needs of this market to serve opportunities with the best infrastructure and service,” he concludes.

The operational environment stands out, for example, due to its privileged location, allowing quick access of transfer vehicles to the surrounding highways, ensuring greater agility in the product dispatch stage.

Another important aspect is the infrastructure improvement. The location features a terminal with elevated docks, providing greater productivity for the team, as well as better working conditions for employees.

The docks and larger dimensions of the space also allow simultaneous operations for refueling and loading of delivery vehicles, in addition to offering an adequate terminal that provides better storage, reducing the possibility of part damage.

All these benefits directly influence an even better service to Tuper’s customers, which is always the ultimate goal of all company actions. With the new space, the company gains in agility, volume of operations, and security, allowing it to focus its efforts on manufacturing and selling exhausts and catalytic converters with the quality that only the leader in the segment in Latin America can offer.

Address CD Tuper São Paulo

TCL – Tópico Centro Logístico, located at Av. João Paulo I, 1776 – Jardim Sao Luiz, Embu das Artes – SP, 06810-240 – Brazil

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