The presence of steel in civil construction

Tuper offers one of the most comprehensive lines of metal structural pipes and profiles in the market, as well as construction systems for various needs

Por Tuper S/A  |  22 de August de 2022 às 13:56

The civil construction market is constantly seeking evolution and innovation in materials, processes, and results, developing techniques and exploring options that can provide cost and time reduction in construction projects while enhancing efficiency and performance.

Among many materials, steel, due to its characteristics and properties such as strength and durability, has increasingly found applications within the construction sector. It can be used in various forms, from foundations to structures, and even in sophisticated finishes, with steel as an exposed element.

The architectural possibilities are limitless. Due to its uses and applications, steel structures allow for the reduction of pillar and beam sections compared to reinforced concrete, gaining ceiling height and enabling better space utilization.

Among the main advantages of using steel in civil construction, we can highlight:

  1. Durability: To optimize the material’s efficiency, processes such as painting and galvanization provide effective corrosion protection, increasing durability and contributing to a lower environmental impact.
  2. Ease of transportation and handling: In projects with steel structures, components are usually prefabricated and transported to construction sites, making logistics and assembly/disassembly processes more straightforward.
  3. Sustainability: Steel is 100% recyclable, maintaining the same properties as it did at the beginning of the process. It is also less harmful to the environment, reducing the use of wood and concrete in construction, thereby minimizing waste and the disposal of materials in nature.
  4. Cost savings: Both in construction time and raw material rationalization, steel-based construction elements arrive ready at the construction site, allowing multiple stages to start simultaneously.

Tuper develops steel-based construction solutions, offering quality and excellent utilization. The company has an extensive product portfolio for civil construction and the expertise and capacity to process over 40,000 tons of steel per month. They offer one of the most comprehensive lines of metal structural pipes and profiles in the market, as well as construction systems to meet various needs, from foundation and piling tubes to ribbed mixed slabs, scaffolding, and metal shoring, all the way to the most modern thermal and acoustic metal roofing systems.

Their commitment to quality covers every phase of the production process, including rigorous analysis of the mechanical and chemical properties of the raw material, all to ensure that the product is delivered to the right specifications.

Among the steel products developed by Tuper for the civil construction sector are:

  • Structural and industrial pipes
  • Galvanized pipes
  • NBR 5580 and 5590 conduits
  • Galvanized conduits
  • Quick-connect tubular piles
  • Structural profiles
  • Ribbed mixed slabs
  • Scaffolding
  • Metal shoring
  • Metal roofing
  • Tray thermal tiles
  • Lambris
  • Slitters

Learn more about the advantages, applications, and characteristics of each product by visiting the civil construction segment on this website. You can also find technical catalogs for the products in the downloads section.

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With over 50 years of experience, Tuper is one of the largest steel processors in Brazil. The company keeps up with market evolution by offering extensive product lines that meet the most demanding national and international standards. The product portfolio includes solutions for various sectors, including industrial, automotive, civil construction, agribusiness, oil and gas, among others. In the civil construction sector, the company provides quick-connect tubular piles, metal structural profiles, metal roofing systems, black and galvanized carbon steel pipes for structural and conduit applications, ribbed mixed slabs, scaffolding, metal shoring, lambris, and slitters.
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