Tuper brings innovative technology of Quick-Connection Tubular Piles to the fair

Exclusive system will be featured at the 13th edition of the Concrete Show

Por Tuper S/A  |  29 de July de 2022 às 14:48

Those visiting the Tuper booth at Concrete Show 2022 will have the opportunity to see up close and in augmented reality the innovative technology of Quick-Connection Tubular Piles directly on their mobile phones. By scanning a QR Code available during the event, an app enables virtual interaction with the exclusive interlocking system, allowing tubular structures to be connected without the need for welding.

How does the new system work? On the construction site, one end of the tube receives a specially designed piece to facilitate the connection of the subsequent structure. The next tube is positioned and aligned, with the coupling achieved by pressing the connecting piece against the end of the tube, utilizing the force applied by the pile driver.

The connection is ensured by both the friction generated during coupling and the end-to-end contact pressure of the connected tubes. To increase load-bearing capacity, the structure can also be filled with concrete and reinforced internally.

Inácio Kotovicz, Product Application Engineer at Tuper, highlights that “the quick connection was designed to accommodate various thicknesses within the same tube diameter and can receive internal reinforcement for traction and compression requests. The application is practical, safe, can increase execution speed by up to 100%, and when combined with concrete, reduce the amount of steel used by up to 50%, making this solution even more innovative and commercially attractive.”

The main benefits of using Quick-Connection Tubular Piles include:

Increased driving productivity: reduction in the splicing time is directly related to increased productivity, which can be doubled.

Reduced labor in the driving process: with the adoption of the new coupling and driving system for tubular piles, only two people are required during the process.

Possibility of using geothermal systems: tubular piles facilitate the implementation of the system, converting the piles into heat exchanger foundations that allow the use of geothermal energy available in the soil. This technology reduces energy consumption for environmental conditioning and water heating.

Point resistance: driving with a closed pile tip generates a larger contact area, reducing point tension and allowing for higher loads.

Greater load-bearing support: depending on the project’s needs, piles can be filled with concrete. This process guarantees a structural strength gain starting at 50% (for piles with a diameter of 244 mm) and can go up to 100% (for thicknesses of 339 mm and 6.35 mm).

Symmetrical moment of inertia: the tube’s shape provides good bending resistance and driving plumbness, eliminating the risk of changing the axes of greater and lesser inertia of the piles.

Operation on rainy days: with the elimination of the welding process, the driving and coupling work can be done on rainy days.

Application at various depths and soil types: due to its high driving resistance, the tube can penetrate compact soils and reach great depths, ensuring pile support in the most resistant soil layers.

Safety in pile joining: the exclusive quick connection joint system ensures the effectiveness of the connection through axis centralization, high friction, and direct contact of the elements. It is not subject to breakage.

Learn about the applications of Quick-Connection Tubular Piles
With great potential for use in projects of various types and sizes, from bridges to residential buildings, Tuper’s Quick-Connection Tubular Piles, with an exclusive joint system, stand out for their high structural and geotechnical load capacity, high execution speed, and applicability to various types of soil.

Tuper will be present at the 13th edition of the Concrete Show with both new releases and traditional products for the construction industry, including the exclusive Quick-Connection Tubular Pile system.

To see it up close, register through the website.

Concrete Show – 13th Edition – 2022 Location: São Paulo Expo – Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1.5 Date: August 9th to 11th Tuper Booth: A50

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