Yellow Line: Tuper also serves the heavy-duty vehicle segment

The company supplies steel items to major manufacturers in the yellow line

Por Tuper S/A  |  29 de March de 2023 às 10:55

The yellow line of heavy-duty vehicles consists of machines used in large construction projects in the construction industry and in activities such as mining, agribusiness, and others. These machines are designed to perform tasks that require robustness, such as earth excavation, material transport, paving, among others. To ensure the necessary strength and durability for these equipment, high-quality materials must be used in the manufacturing of parts and components, as they are exposed to intense mechanical stresses and must withstand heavy loads and impact. Carbon steel is one of the raw materials that is well-suited for this purpose, as it offers good resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Additionally, it provides specific mechanical properties such as good tensile and fatigue response, good toughness and ductility, ease of weldability, and good machinability, allowing parts to be manufactured with precision and safety.

Steel Solutions for the Yellow Line

Within Tuper’s portfolio, there are products specifically designed for the production of parts for manufacturers of yellow line vehicles. These include structural tubes, welded assemblies, and exhaust systems for various types of machinery such as motor graders, backhoes, loaders, articulated excavators, among others.

These items are manufactured in compliance with all technical and safety standards established by the market, adhering to best practices and rigorous internal processes in all production processes to ensure the quality of the final product.

The company also offers the possibility of meeting other sector needs regarding the development of parts according to demand, manufactured from specific projects with the support of the industrial engineering team. With many years of experience in developing solutions for the sector and a track record in supplying parts for the yellow line, Tuper produces parts for major brands in the market.

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About Tuper
With over 50 years of experience, Tuper is one of the largest steel processors in Brazil. The company keeps up with market evolution with extensive product lines, meeting the most demanding national and international standards. The product portfolio includes solutions for the industrial, automotive, construction, agribusiness, oil and gas sectors, among others. In the construction industry, the company operates with quick-connect tubular foundations, structural steel profiles, metal roofing systems, black and galvanized carbon steel pipes for structural and conduit applications, mixed ribbed slabs, scaffolding, props, cladding, and slitters. Learn more about Tuper.

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